Human body
is the most sophisticated & versatile machine ever known to man. It has a super quantum computer built up in it which is known as brain.

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Releases stress Improves blood circulation.

Enables a deep relaxation and state of well being, Assists in elimination of toxins.   

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Reflexology is based on the information transfer between body’s nervous system and brain. There are 7000 nerve endings under feet. These nerves reach the brain passing through legs and spinal cord. Also the nerves related to the organs play a major role on the information transfer. The said transfer is done through neurotransmitters to the brain and then back to the organ. Reflexology therapy aims to make the body functions back to normal state and activate the self healing mechanism so that the person can gain back the natural health balance.

Certain points under feet get connected to the related area of the organ in the brain through the nervous system. By applying a pressure to those certain points, it is possible to find out the painful areas. With the help of pain arising from the pressure applied, information is carried to the brain through the spinal cord. A nervous activity takes place in the brain afterwards .The brain later on takes out this extra information and sends out the protecting neurons to the organ from which the message came from. Also it checks the organ again and adjusts it so that the organ can work at its ultimate potential.

As a result, the symptom or the disorder is healed. Reflexology  works very well  on mainly disorders resulting from nervous or hormonal systems, back and neck hernia, back pains, migraine, headaches, sinuses, hormonal problems and imbalances, genital problems, period problems, asthma, sleeping problems, constipation, digestion problems and can be used as a side therapy to anxiety attack and depression therapies as well as talking disorders and autism. Especially in autistic kids, it has been observed to have great progression.

Reflexology Foot Chart

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