Human body
is the most sophisticated & versatile machine ever known to man. It has a super quantum computer built up in it which is known as brain.

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Releases stress Improves blood circulation.

Enables a deep relaxation and state of well being, Assists in elimination of toxins.   

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To understand motivation we need to understand why we get lack of it?  If we see around us and observe ourselves and children around us we would notice vast difference between the enthusiasm between us and them. And we can relate to children enthusiasm because we had that before, so over the years we need to observe what change for us, so that enthusiasm reduced. Children by far curious to know everything because their brain making new connection based on the information influence from the surroundings. For all the children the things which are common to adults are new experience right from throwing the ball, jumping on the bed to reading and writing. Since human have the bigger brain than other fellow mammals, we are creatures who like to explore new experiences every time to stimulate the heightened level of self ness. By the time we grow up we set a pattern of thinking we avoid the experiences which does not match our liking, we don’t experiment with our thoughts pattern and except every thing as it said to be without questioning and understanding it. We pretty much follow the code of conduct so to say in the society. Having the brain as we have we are design to continuously evolve and innovate and learn new thing which we fail to do so, after a certain age. Which brings in lack of motivation. In the training this subject is taken and explored as what are the ways can be adopted to keep the mind innovating and experiencing new things so that we keep motivated most of the time weather on work or otherwise too.


Understanding Pain
Pain is the alarm mechanism of body. Anything goes against the basic programme of the body it gives pain to alarm the brain to pay attention to the area or organ to rearrange its mechanism to reduce the pain and bring back to normal programme of the body. Pain always has a trigger without a trigger pain can’t occur. A proper investigation can effectively detect the trigger of pain. Through investigation it can be identified why a pain is occurring. Once the trigger is taken care of, then it is easy to manage the pain throughout life.

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