Human body
is the most sophisticated & versatile machine ever known to man. It has a super quantum computer built up in it which is known as brain.

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Releases stress Improves blood circulation.

Enables a deep relaxation and state of well being, Assists in elimination of toxins.   

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Life Style Management
People working in big corporate companies often get to a stage where by they loose their focus at their work and life in general too which further gets deteriorated by the social fad of relaxing like smoking, drinking and drugs. This modern fad relaxes the mind for a while till the time it has its effects, again to come to the state of down fall to do it more and more. Pressure at work puts body into constant state of fright or flight situations till the time it difficult for body to handle and it breaks down so some physical aches and pain, and disorders. It doesn’t hamper the work but the emotional state of an individual.

Human body is the most sophisticated and versatile machine ever known to man. It has a super quantum computer built up in it which is known as brain. It re arranges the mechanism of the body according to what we are doing. Though it’s the blessing but we unknowingly over stretch this aspect causing trouble to this machine causing disruptions in it. We humans are not design to use the body the way we use it. If we cause trouble to our body it will in return cause trouble to us. The best part of human body is it has inbuilt mechanism to rearrange itself to heal   both physically and mentally when things are provided to make it work to the optimum.

Since everything works in our body thru neurotransmitters, if thoughts need to be processed, and at the same time there is a discomfort occurring in the body, depending on the discomfort level the thought process and focus on the work which needs to be done varies also. If we understand our body better we can take precautions before any major day at work where we need our full concentration and focus to get best out of our respective work.

Stress Management
As human body has stress hormones it has anti stress hormones and there are ways to trigger these hormones to distress us. In this competitive world it is hard to avoid circumstantial stress but 40 to 50 percent of stress can be reduced by understanding human body.

This is a training programme design to provide the best and the most holistic approach to the work place. Understanding the human body and making best of it without any effort by keeping it vitalized and energised for a longer time during the day and life in general too. Few tips will be given to treat minor aches and pains in body using Reflexology. Reflexology use body’s own healing system to treat aches and pains and usually the effects for any mechanical part of the body are faster than any pain killer medicine ever known. Training will be concluded by giving practical trick of meditation which can be done anytime anywhere to get the focus back and relax the mind.

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