Human body
is the most sophisticated & versatile machine ever known to man. It has a super quantum computer built up in it which is known as brain.

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Releases stress Improves blood circulation.

Enables a deep relaxation and state of well being, Assists in elimination of toxins.   

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Dr. Pravin Kaushal
Reflexologist, C.Ht

India Mobile: +91-98205-43497

Turkey Tel: +90 531 954 4749

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Dr. Pravin Kaushal
, is Certified Reflexologist from IEFSAMT Institute India, and Registered Practitioner for Alternative Medicines, from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. He has been treating people since 1999.

He has his expertise in Pain Management and Weight Loss and other Nervous System related Disorders.

The basic philosophy of Dr. Pravin is to go to the root of the problem so that once treated; it should not resurface again.

Dr. Pravin believes he can only help people who are ready to help themselves.
After doing the session, if a person follows the instructions and precautions given by Dr. Pravin, then it is a rare chance of the problem resurfacing. If not then it would definitely come back.

 There is always a partnership in the treatment, Dr. Pravin believes he can do only 50% of the treatment and other half has to be done by the patient by following the precautions.

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