Human body
is the most sophisticated & versatile machine ever known to man. It has a super quantum computer built up in it which is known as brain.

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Releases stress Improves blood circulation.

Enables a deep relaxation and state of well being, Assists in elimination of toxins.   

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1) Ms. Gulchin
Age: 44 | Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Diagnosis: Migraine since 30 years
Treatment: Frequent sessions of
reflexology and Dietary adjustments
Does not get migraines any more

2) Ms. Arzu
Age: 37 | Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Diagnosis: Sciatica pain(often)
Treatment: Reflexology and proper
Has not got the pain again

3)  Mr. Bullent
Age: 55 | Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Diagnosis: Calcification (tennis elbow)
Symptom: Getting pain in the elbow joint
Treatment: Reflexology
Got relieved from the pain in just two sessions

4) Ms. Geeta
Age: 34 | Place: Mumbai, India
Symptom: Constipation after her child birth since 9 years
Treatment: Reflexology few sessions and dietary changes
Now she not only got relived of the problem but have lost some weight and is been slowly losing weight

5) Mr. Deepak
Age: 31 | Place: Mumbai India
Diagnosis: Vertigo(acute)
Treatment: Reflexology few sessions
Now he is absolutely fine and working normally

and so on...

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